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St. Louis Regional Airport


St. Louis Regional serves a diverse clientele – from Fortune 500 companies and general aviators to the U.S. military and regional aircraft makers – all of whom find precisely the right combination of accessibility, on-premise services and supporting amenities.

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Airport Purchases Impressive Snowplow

When winter weather makes it difficult to keep runways clear, St. Louis Regional Airport has a 22-foot solution. The airport purchased an additional snowplow in 2014, this one with a 22-foot blade.“Since Regional is the only major airport in the area completely above the region’s flood plains we take our commitment to being an all-weather… Read More

Bidding Documents Now Available for Self-Serve Fuel Facility

Contractors are now available to download paperwork through pdf files to print and submit bid packets to the airport. Please contact Jay christians at jchristians@stlouisregional.com for additional information.

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