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May 23, 2015
St. Louis Regional Airport

St. Louis Regional Airport


St. Louis Regional serves a diverse clientele – from Fortune 500 companies and general aviators to the U.S. military and regional aircraft makers – all of whom find precisely the right combination of accessibility, on-premise services and supporting amenities.

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West Star leads boom at St. Louis Regional

St. Louis Regional Airport soared to new highs in the past year and has no prospects for grounding in 2015. Its biggest tenant, West Star Aviation, is coming off a record year of revenue, during which its local hangar space was increased by 47,000 square feet, nearly doubling its workspace.


Airport Purchases Impressive Snowplow

When winter weather makes it difficult to keep runways clear, St. Louis Regional Airport has a 22-foot solution. The airport purchased an additional snowplow in 2014, this one with a 22-foot blade.“Since Regional is the only major airport in the area completely above the region’s flood plains we take our commitment to being an all-weather… Read More

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