St. Louis Regional Pilot Information
The St. Louis Regional Airport is a general aviation reliever airport averaging over 80,000 operations a year. The primary runway (11/29) is 8100 feet long by 150 feet wide.

The load limits of runway (11/29) are 200,000 pounds dual tandem, 140,000 pounds dual and 80,000 pounds single. The cross-wind runway (17/35) is 6500 feet long by 100 feet wide. The load limits of runway (17/35) are 47,000 pounds dual and 35,000 pounds single.

Approaches to St. Louis Regional Airport include the ILS, NDB and DME to runway 29, the LOC/BC to runway 11, and the NDB to runway 17. Twenty-four hour ATIS is available.

St. Louis Regional Airport is the landing site of many
corporations conducting business in the St. Louis area.

    • Identifier: ALN
    • Latitude: 38-53.42 N
    • Longitude: 90-02.76 W
    • Elevation: 544 MSL
    • Traffic Pattern: 1400 MSL
    • Instrument Approaches: ILS, VOR, LPV, NDB, DME, VASI
    • Hours of Operation: 24 Hours
    • FAR Part 139
    • 24 Hour Fire Protection