Post World War II America ushered in an era of increased air transportation for businesses and recreational flying for aviators. So it was in 1946 that the flag was first raised at the airport then known as Civic Memorial in dedication to American war veterans.


At that time, Walston Aviation became the airport’s first FBO, increasing the airport’s visibility and positioning in the region, and becoming the largest Cessna dealer in the world.


By the mid-sixties, St. Louis Regional had become a major transportation hub in the region and attracted a second FBO to the property.


In 1979, a 150 acre airport business park opened, offering businesses the opportunity to reside in a newly developing opportunity-filled area. In order to increase visibility and expand its identifying power with companies and aviators, the airport changed its name to St. Louis Regional Airport in 1984.


Through ongoing expansion, development and improvements, what began as a small sod runway and storage facility in 1946, has grown to its current 2300 acres and is today the 4th largest airport facility in the state of Illinois. Valued in excess of $60 million, St. Louis Regional Airport is a strong player in the community’s economic picture and a focal point of business and recreational activity in the region.

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